Some iPhone 5 have defective batteries

On Friday, Apple went out with the iPhone 5 sold between September 2012 and January 2013, in a certain serial number range, has a defect in the batteries that makes the phone discharges too quickly. These batteries, Apple will replace the warranty. As this only applies to certain units need to first make sure that your device is one of the error. You do this by filling in your phone’s serial number on If your phone is incorrect, then please contact us and we will help you to get your battery replaced. Note that we need to have both the serial number and IMEI number to make a call on the device. This may be most easily produced by opening the settings in your phone and go to General, then About. Here’s IMEI and Serial Number listed. An IMEI number has 15 digits and for the iPhone 5, they mostly starts with the 013th A serial number is a combination of both letters and numbers.


For Swap24 iPhone 5 customers

For Swap24 customers, the following routine: Check your serial number and contact us with the IMEI and serial number. We fault report your phone and a replacement sent out as usual. Unfortunately, however, the handling time in these cases, about 48 hours, then they must be controlled by Apple from our service partners. We would also like to warn that it may have encountered additional delays, which also swaps the layer is affected and needs to be replaced. This means that there may be a shortage of replacement units, which can cause delays of a few days extra.

For services that do not have Swap24

For service without Swap24 so send the phone to Apple. Check your serial number via the link above and contact us with the IMEI and serial number. We create a service call and the phone is sent to Apple. Estimated service time is approximately 14 working days as standard. It may happen that there will be further delays if the workshop spare parts would end, but they greet they have parts in stock.please contact us, we will solve it in the best way.